Genetic Genealogy & the use of DNA Testing


Genetic Genealogy is the process of using DNA testing, in addition to traditional genealogy methods, to provide the most accurate and complete family tree possible.  In this day and age, no genealogical project should be considered complete until evaluation of relevant DNA information has been performed.  

DNA test are taken for many reasons.  Whatever your reason is, we can help!  Our professional genetic genealogists are trained to help you:

  • Decide which DNA test to take:  

Some tests are better than others for solving different types of problems.  If you are considering taking a DNA test, let us help you decide which test to take to get the best results possible.

  • Analysis of DNA test results:  

We can help you make sense of any DNA test you have already taken.  From ethnicity estimates to confusing match lists, we can explain your test results and guide you through the process of understanding your DNA.

  • Confirm an existing family tree:

DNA testing is the best way to ensure that your current family tree is correct.  It pays to make sure you are really working on YOUR ancestors and not someone else's.  It is also an inexpensive way to find other descendant lines of your ancestors that can be added to your existing family tree.  Click here for an illustrated example of how our DNA Genetic Researchers help solve these challenges.

  • “DNA Test Surprise” identification, advice and guidance:

Some people will be surprised and/or confused by their DNA test results.  Sometimes this is just a result of misunderstanding the information provided by the testing companies.  Other times, there really is a new discovery being made.  Our staff can help you understand your test results and your possible relationship to your surprise match/matches.  Trust us, we have seen it all and we are ready to put that experience to work for you.  Many DNA surprise matches result in happy endings for all.  We can help you navigate this new territory and guide you through the entire process.

  • Break through a brick wall or dead end:

Many people have family lines that reach a dead end where no progress can be made through traditional genealogy research.  These lines will benefit from a comprehensive study of your DNA matches.  Even lines with common names such as Johnson, and Smith, can have great success using this method. Please click here for an illustrated example of how our DNA research team helps to solve these challenges.

  • Find birth (biological) families for adoptees, or those with unknown parentage due to NPE or misattributed parentage:  

Whether the person with unknown parentage is you, one of your parents, or another ancestor, DNA testing is the best way to find biological family.  We have helped many people find and reunite with biological family members.  We want you to enjoy the same success!  You don’t need any adoption paperwork or information as a starting point.  Our experts will analyze and group your matches while looking for patterns that will unlock the secrets of your ancestry.  Through careful comparison of your DNA segments, and an understanding of biological inheritance patterns, we will be able to turn your DNA matches into the leads necessary to trace your identity.  Click here for an Illustrated Example.

  • Discover personal ethnicity

Many people want to see where their ancestors came from.  The most common types of DNA tests will provide you with a suggested ethnicity breakdown, but there are limitations in what the testing companies can actual provide. It is important to understand these limitations, so that you can assess the accuracy of your personal ethnicity.  Currently, we suggest that customers contact us to discuss their ethnicity results since reference databases, and therefore results, will vary by testing company, regions, and your specific DNA inheritance pattern.  If you are interested in much deeper ancestral lines (haplogroups), there are specialized tests you can take.  Please contact us for advice before ordering since these tests are more expensive and we want to make sure you order the best test for your needs.

  • Obtain some types of medical information:

Some DNA tests will automatically provide you with limited medical information.   Even those that do not come with medical information can be downloaded to third party websites that compare your DNA to medical studies.  Any medical information discovered via DNA tests should be discussed with a medical professional. Our staff members can let you know which DNA test is recommended for the type of information you are seeking to find and help you decide if a download to third party websites is beneficial for you.

  • We recommend getting your DNA testing through Ancestry:
They have the largest database in the world for genealogy DNA tests.  Whats important is understanding what to do with the results of that DNA test after they are completed.  Analyzing DNA test results can be extremely confusing.  We offer FREE DNA test consultations to help you navigate the right analysis of your test results and how the results are relevant to extending family history lines and breaking through family history dead ends, finding biological parents, verifying genealogy work and confirming family tree detail plus helping when "surprises" happen with the test results to help with advice and guidance.  Contact us for more information or click on the banner below to order your ancestryDNA kit.


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